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Welcome and thank you for your interest in AvarSYS!

As a long-term member of the computer industry, I share with you experiences in a wide breath of technologies and business solutions filled with many diverse challenges. However, the 21st century has dealt us our most difficult challenge — business changes accelerated by an increasingly global economy, high levels of innovations and government regulations. When adding economic constraints and all the choices we have in the world, there is high risk of making poor decisions, losing business, and infrastructure and strategy failures.

A worthwhile risk avoidance course of action is having IT infrastructures adapt to change just-in-time while concurrently enhancing the core requirements for economic business continuity, market intelligence assurances, resource administration ease and intellectual property protection. AvarSYS believes the best course of action is to evolve IT infrastructures to an Enterprise Grid Computing and service-oriented architecture. For this reason we specialize in delivering Enterprise Grid Computing solutions.

A successful evolution of this strategic business direction will require global cooperation and is the reason we became the first VAR to join the Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA). EGA is a consortium of global technology vendors and customers dedicated to the development of vendor-neutral, grid computing solutions, standards and requirements to drive needed grid technologies. We represent the views and experiences of our customers to the EGA to assist its efforts and re-enforce customer decisions.

AvarSYS leverages the EGA achievements and its technology partnerships to deliver timely Enterprise Grid Computing, consolidation, migration, resource management and complete reference architectural solutions along with consulting and professional services to meet any size enterprise need. We are dedicated and determined to integrate dependable enterprise grid solutions into your full business equation yielding attractive investment returns without operational disruptions.

We are excited over the evolution of Enterprise Grid Computing and look forward to assisting you in gaining the benefits derived from its implementation in your organization.

Todd Bone
President & CEO

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