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About Managed Services

Eliminate your IT headaches

Managed Services

Every organization depends on information technology (IT) to keep its business running. But keeping IT running requires significant resources and often does not keep up with the business.

For both large and small organizations, it’s difficult to maintain the proper staff, skills, and infrastructure required to meet every IT requirement. Applying resources to manage your IT infrastructure means you’re taking resources away from managing more strategic aspects of your business.

That’s where AvarSYS Managed Services have an important role. Managed services provide an affordable way to off-load IT administration and support, while at the same time improving overall service levels. It’s like having an unlimited IT department without the staffing overhead. AvarSYS is a managed services provider (MSP) that helps companies of all sizes improve their IT return on investment through our smart sourcing options.

  • For the small-to-midsize organization AvarSYS can be your IT department, allowing your staff to focus on your business.
  • For the larger organization with an established IT department, AvarSYS can augment your resources with specialized skill sets that are not currently on your staff.

AvarSYS managed services provides your organization with real-time proactive monitoring, expert IT resources and support so you can focus your resources on running your business.

Your business benefits

  • Improved IT performance and reliability
  • Lower costs of IT operations and service delivery
  • Mitigate risks of business disruption

Improve IT performance and reliability

The way to improve the reliability of your computer network is by fixing problems before they occur.

The first step is to give your computer network a comprehensive health check. You’ll find the things that are hurting reliability and putting you in danger.

Once that’s done, implement a monitoring device to detect the things that will cause future problems before they happen.

The answer is taking a proactive approach to managing your computer network.

Eliminate the unforeseen

When it comes to your computer network, being proactive means abandoning the traditional reactive approach to managing IT. A reactive approach fixes things when they break. The problem is that things never break at a good time and it usually takes too long to fix them. Your business suffers the consequences.

Being proactive means that you are able to anticipate future problems and fix them before they cause a system failure. That’s where AvarSYS comes in. We provide comprehensive managed services that continuously monitor your computer network. We don’t wait for problems to occur; we anticipate them and repair them before they happen.

Lower costs of IT operations and service delivery

It’s not just about lowering IT costs. It’s about using your resources to add value to your business rather than dedicating resources to keep your computer network running.

Network complexity makes it prohibitive to staff all the needed skills. The good news it that technologies have made remote support a viable alternative. This means that network infrastructures don’t require the dedicated resources of the past.

The business answer is changing the way you manage your computer network.

Get better use of your resources

The best scenario for managing your computer network is to be in a position where you don’t have to manage your computer network. This means that you have more resources to manage your business.

Today, this is not an impossible scenario. In fact, it’s easy to do and better yet, it’s economical.

The bottom line is that you can leverage virtually unlimited resources without having to absorb the fixed overhead. It’s called managed services.

With AvarSYS, you have unlimited flexibility in how you use managed services. We can augment your current staff to provide expanded capabilities, or we can do it all for you. In any case, you can attack the high costs of IT.

Mitigate risks of business disruption

Security measures, backing up data, and disaster recovery preparation are prudent steps for ensuring business continuity.

As simple as it sounds, we find that most companies have at best a false sense of security. Security measures have holes and monitoring is sporadic. Back-up schedules are not as thorough as they need be. Disaster recovery plans are often outdated.

The best way to overcome this false sense of security is to automate the tasks associated with business continuity.

There is no need to take a chance any longer

Let’s face it, your staff is concerned with keeping your business running on a daily basis. That’s what you want them to do. It’s easy to overlook the things that need to be done in case of an emergency.

This is where AvarSYS Managed Services comes in. Dealing with security, system back-ups, and even disaster recovery can be managed remotely. It’s never a case of not having time or overlooking. It’s done using experienced resources without having the overhead placed on your staff.

When you’re dealing with AvarSYS managed services, security, back-ups, and disaster recovery are things you never have to worry about. We continuously monitor and accomplish these so you don’t have to deal with the unexpected.

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