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Managed Services

Our managed services program provides you the flexibility to smart-source any aspect of your IT operations. We can be your entire IT department or we can provide only those specialized services and expertise you need to augment your current staff.

Benefits of Managed Services

  • Improve computer network, reliability and uptime
  • Resolve IT issues quicker
  • Ensure proper security measures are in place
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce management overhead
  • Less time on IT; more time on your business

System Administration
With our advanced remote monitoring technologies, our technicians watch every aspect of your computer network in a real-time environment. They provide the latest patch releases and keep your system tuned for optimum performance.

We know when things aren’t working right even before problems occur. Preemptive corrective action keeps your system running without unplanned downtime.

Support Services
Our Remote Support Manager, using secure connections, allows our technicians to do performance management and conduct maintenance and repair without interrupting your users. This way your productivity remains at its highest level. If needed, our technicians can even take control over your servers or PCs and work with your user in chat mode.

Our Help Desk provides a closed-loop process for issue tracking and resolution. Your staff can easily issue trouble tickets and communicate directly with our technicians. If an issue can not be resolved remotely, our Help Desk can dispatch a specialist for on-site maintenance or repair.

Remote Support Manager

  • Comprehensive and proactive real-time support
  • Troubleshooting and remediation with no user disruption
  • Save time and money through faster issue resolution
  • Automated deployment saves rollout costs

Business Continuity
Our managed services program helps you avoid the unexpected by improving the reliability of your computer network. But if things were to go really wrong, you need that extra safety net. That’s where system and data backups come to play an important part.

Remote technologies are used to ensure that backups are performed on scheduled and completed properly. We can go farther however, by providing off-site data storage in a secure environment. We can even provide hardware to give you a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

Security Protection
Extensive security monitoring keeps a watchful eye for any vulnerability to intruders and unauthorized activities on your computer network. Spyware detection and removal is an on-going activity. Anti-virus software is audited and kept up-to-date.

Physical security using RFID technologies can be used to ensure the safekeeping of your computer network. Configuration and maintenance of security firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is used to keep your network secure.

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